teachtext offers you the following text and language services:

Concept development, research, planning, writing, improving structure, step-by-step approach to subjects, adapting, proofreading and correcting.

  • Texts:
    easy to understand: Composition of explanatory texts for
    • Teaching and further education, especially for learning foreign languages (e.g. English, French, German)
    • Non-fiction (adults and children)
  • Project Management:
    Experienced at planning complex print or online projects including: Team management, scheduling and budget planning
  • Content Editing:
    Expertise in:  Development of concept, ensuring quality of manuscripts, preparation of texts for specific target groups
  • Proofreading:
    Ensuring perfect solution for language and style as well as final proofreading till print
  • Translation:
    Exploring foreign worlds: access to English and French texts for German readers